Reviews and Strategic Planning

Our business strategist will work with your team to identify business strengths, challenges and then provide personalised solutions to plan and drive your business to better economic potentials, as well as compete and thrive in today’s’ global economy.

Executive Interim Management

Our Executive Interim Management is designed to support you in times you need interim management. Or as your Back Pocket CEO, you’re soundboard, strategist, and an extra pair of hands and eyes for CEO’s, GM’s and founder’s of SME.

Executive Coaching

Executives and Senior Leaders, benefit from our Executive Coaching, which incorporates Executive Coaching and NLP. Designed to enable individuals to unlock their potential and improve outcomes for themselves and their organisations.

Hi, I’m Adriana Cecere. Start achieving success and freedom today.

Our consulting, coaching and mentoring is delivered with proven and systemised methodologies developed from experience in starting, developing and selling over ten enterprises since 1996. We take ownership of our recommendations and work alongside our clients to help them achieve better outcomes, meet their next milestones, and overcome challenges.

  • Increase net profit and productivity
  • Improve leadership skills.
  • Gain skills, strategies and systems for a better outcomes.
Business Coach Workgroup

Free Business Planning Guide Clarity and Confidence equates to more Cash

If you prefer a more personalised approach,

contact us below to book in a discovery consultation.

Successful Stories Comments our clients have shared with us.

Business People engage in consulting, coaching and mentoring for any number of reasons. Here is a snapshot of what some of our clients have to say.

Zoe Business Owner, Presenter

“Admirable talent and poise which can only be achieved using the heart and mind in unison. A good balance of values, beliefs and ethics – complimented with a wealth of tenacity, experience and generosity is how I see and feel about Adriana Cecere.”

Barry President Board

Adriana had the ability to quickly understand what was working and issues in our business very quickly after a review. She worked along side the board to diligently manage and implement multi level changes across the business in a pivotal perod.

Bec General Manger

Adriana is professional, relatable and goes above and beyond to ensure not only professionally but personally you are aligned to be the best you can be, and in-turn be the best in your professional role. Adrian’s mentorship and guidance is unmatchable in my professional opinion. Anyone who is looking for expert advise and mentorship I highly recommend to get in touch with Adriana.

Lau Business Owner

Adriana is a great person to bounce off if you are unsure of your decision. She is a great sounding board. She is reliable at the most critical of times.


Al Founder, CEO

“Adriana’s experience and ability to understand my vision enables me to build a plan of action, that considers my customers, staff, and own personal goals.

Adriana seamlessly applies her knowledge not only to the benefit of my business, but to me as a business owner.

My team and I enjoy our in-depth discussions and treat every meeting as an opportunity to grow.”

Steve Founder, CEO

I have had the delight of working with Adriana for several years now.

She has transformed from traditional business consulting to be known as The BackPocket CEO.

Adriana provides high quality, innovative and successful support that delivers results. She has dared to be different in a traditional environment and is reaping the rewards.

Elaine Small Business Owner

Adriana is the kind of solid consultant that every business needs. It is never about her and her “grass roots” knowledge from building her own businesses enables her to see through to the heart of the matter so that her clients quickly and soundly move forward. Her manner is calm yet professional and strong which in turn, makes me feel calm and confident!

Raf Small Business Owner

Adriana has always gone above and beyond, whether it’s the business meetings, one on one coaching or online workshops (I’ve joined in all of these over the past year). She has both a broad and thorough understanding of business and is my go to trusted advisor; thanks heaps for all the dedication.

Jess Operations manger

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Adriana.  In the short time I had worked with Adriana, her insight and knowledge to strengthen a brand allowed me to not just better improve my own development but really implement true strategies that impacted the business bottom line in a positive way.

She was always patient, and willing to work together to generate new ideas.  If I was to ever open my own business, I would definitely recommend Adriana as a consultant to really help a business flourish, be it big or small.

Lyn Business Owner

We are in the early stages of establishing our business which  is growing fast. I was feeling overwhelmed with multiple issues from cash flow to delivery and a lack of systems.

Adriana brought clarity around our product, pricing and delivery models and improved our processes. Her input has allowed us to scale gracefully while simultaneously delivering quality service for our clients.

What helped us most was her unique blend of deep experience with multiple enterprises combined with her understanding of the human, deeply personal side of what people bring to their businesses. She has been a great coach to me and my staff, encouraging us to implement many positive changes while nurturing and supporting us at the same time.

Janelle Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Adriana during that time found her to be extremely driven and passionate.

During the time I knew Adriana she faced many difficult tasks and I would go as far as to say that she was pivital in the improvement of the company morale at the time. She brought organisation and purpose to an otherwise unmanaged office and gave staff members a true understanding of their role within the company.

Adriana is always a true professional. She also has compassion and understanding which enhances her ability to communicate well with colleagues.

I believe Adriana would be a tremendous asset to any company.

Anthony Founder SME. Podcast presenter

Working with Adriana has significantly grown my business and built my confidence to try new things to lift my profile as a consultant such as podcasting, webinars etc. Adriana is extremely knowledgeable in business and has achieved incredible business success herself. Adriana walks the talk and is so incredibly humble and caring. I thoroughly recommend her services if you are seriously thinking about growing your business sustainably. Thanks Adriana ?

Mentoring and Coaching One-on-one coaching in person or via Zoom.


$ 399 /mo

Month by month engagement.

Business and Life Design Coaching

$ 999 /mo

Business & Life Design Coaching over 3 months.
Enquire now for a personalised program.

Executive Coaching

$ 999 /mo

Executive Coaching over 6 months.
Enquire for a personalised package.

Get from where you are to where you want to be!

Online Resources We’re also offering two online Coaching and Mentoring Courses

Podcasts Inspirational and Practical Podcasts.

If you are in business or simply want to do life better, these podcasts will expand your mind and give you inspiration, off real life success stories to be the best version of yourself.

Course + Book + Mentoring Program Launching in August 2023

A practical tool kit program including a Book, Online Course and Group Mentoring to re-gain control of your business, and gain freedom in life.

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How does Business Business Reviews and Strategic sessions work?

The business review and strategic plans are drafted over 3 – 4 weeks.

In person initial discover sessions are recommended, the reviews and report can be drafted remotely.

Does a Business Coach tell me what to do?

After each session your coach will give you 1 -3 things to do before the next session. These are based on the session outcome and overall desired outcome.

Are there guarantees with Business Coaching?

This is a good question. 

This depends on how ready the client is, and how motivated they are to be coached. Coaching can be successful in 2 – 12 sessions.  The average session needed are 4 – 6 sessions.

How does Business Coaching work ?

Our business and mentoring sessions are in person, by phone or Video call. Most client opt in for phone and video calls. This depends on each individual clients,  results don’t change with in person and remote sessions.

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